Mary Elizabeth The Spotless Cow with fairy godmother, Queenie Weenie Bunny Foot“Guess what my dears!

I have a delightful story for you. It’s all about a cow! A very special cow. She’s spotless you see. And she’s ever so excited to go to a new farm.” said Fairy Godmother, Queenie Weenie Bunny Foot.

“But my dears, when she arrives, the new cows won’t have anything to do with her.
That’s mean, you say?
Yes, I agree dear, it’s very mean.
So why are they doing that?
Well, it seems they all have many spots on their fur and she’s completely spotless!

Would you like to hear more about her? Her name is Mary Elizabeth The Spotless Cow.”

About Mary Elizabeth The Spotless Cow
fairy godmother, Queenie Weenie Bunny Foot with Mary Elizabeth The Spotless Cow

“I was completely flabbergasted my dears. Who knew, that a fairy goddog could dream up a story about cows that would turn out to be one of the best tales regarding discrimination I’ve heard in a long time! 

An exceptional way to teach youngsters about prejudice, bullying and ultimately making friends. You know, my dears, there are ever so many things to consider when determining friendship. And not judging cows, (or people) by looks alone is one of them.

It’s very important to have discussions about scary topics like bullying. This particular story is an excellent dialogue building book for the whole family, or classroom. And wouldn’t you know, the illustrations are whimsical and hilarious. It’s a perfect read for boys and girls ages 3-10 yrs. ” – exclaimed Queenie Weenie Bunny Foot, Fairy Godmother.

Fairy odmother with Sweetles®Fairy Goddog

“Have you ever heard of a fairy goddog? No, well, I’m a fairy godmother and this is my dog, Sweetles, a fairy goddog. We’ve enjoyed any number of delightful adventures together. He has a penchant for dreaming up clever tales from things he sees during the day. And when he tells me about them – POOF!!! I make his dreams come to life!

The other night he dreamt about a cow named Mary Elizabeth. Her exceptional feature appeared to be that she didn’t have any spots…but you’ll soon find out that what makes her truly exceptional is not her spotlessness, oh no, it’s her joie de vivre and cleverness.”   whispered Fairy Godmother, Queenie Weenie Bunny Foot.

Woof, woof, woof!Sweetles®barked Sweetles®, the fairy goddog

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“Shall I tell you a fairy tale?”

” I would enjoy that so very much my dear friends. Follow me to Storyland in Sweetles® TV Show, where you’ll hear wondrous fables, whimsical stories and wacky tales.

Hurry my dears, you don’t want to be late!” exclaimed Fairy Godmother, Queenie Weenie Bunny Foot.

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