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Are you looking for children’s books, puppets and products that inspire, stimulate and teach kids about social skills and good behavior?  And if it’s fun, that makes it even better! Then check out Sweetles® Gift Shop

From colorful picture books that challenge the mind to hand and finger puppets that bring out a child’s creativity and roll playing – you’ll find the perfect gift to entertain and educate your kids at the same time.


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Sweetles® TV Show – a socially inspired and silly web series!

A spoofy web series chock full of silly, wacky and spot on tips, activities, strategies and news on how to improve, change or acquire good social skills and behaviors -Think: ‘Sesame Street meets Monty Python’

For kids from 4 to 104!

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You’ll find stories, advice and anecdotes from ceo’s to stay at home moms (and dads), presidents to celebrities,  actors to authors and other experts.
Do they all think there’s value in being social no matter what you do in life?
The answer is a resounding YES!
Find out how, what and why there’s a world of value in developing good social skills through these interviews, articles, book reviews and more.


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Children’s Picture Books

Meet Mary Elizabeth The Spotless Cow

Mary Elizabeth is a fun loving happy cow who just happens to have one very unique feature for a Holstein.


She was born completely spotless.


Her story begins when she arrives at a new farm in Ohio. She’s very excited about making new friends. But when she comes out of the truck, the spotted cows are horrified. They don’t want anything to do with her spotlessness. As they say: ” It’s not natural!”


This is bad news for Mary Elizabeth.  She needs to figure out how to overcome the spotted cows unfair prejudice of her spotlessness and win them over to make new friends.


This picture book is ideal for kids ages 3-10+ yrs old.

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